Editorial: «Coat Tales» Reiss A/W 2016

I had not shared Reiss's last editorial yet, published last week to promote their Autumn/Winter 2016 collection. So here I am, righting the wrongs.

Today I woke up to newsletters by Reiss, All Saints and Uniqlo reminding me that it is time to stock up on coats because Winter is coming... that is, in case the cold, thick mist inside my bedroom was not warning enough.

Okay, I am making it sound too "Angela's Ashes" and it is not that bad. Yes, mornings are darker, afternoons are shorter, but we will all be binging on Hallowe'en candy and re-watching Hocus Pocus for the nth time soon; or at least I will. And hey, wearing coats is wicked!

Mr Kipling's treats aside, Reiss's «Coat Tales» showcases the brand's sharp and focused tailoring in the form of a curated range of coats, jackets and various in-betweens. the price point is a bit high, but the end-result is worth it.

The story takes place at the beach for an introspective editorial featuring some styles that are yet to be released. Knitwear and wool trousers share the scene with the different trends in worker jackets, shearling-collar coats and classic wool overcoats. Classy, relaxed and comfortable.

So far I have not made up my mind about getting a new coat, but these ones have awakened something...

On a side note, what is with Winter photo shoots in empty beaches?