New In: Massimo Dutti Soft Collection A/W 2016

Massimo Dutti released a couple of weeks ago a new approach to a fashion campaign. The release of their Soft Collection for A/W 2016 includes, besides your customary photographic editorial and video, a whole Virtual Reality environment where you can visit and check out their release of luxurious loungewear.

I do not have a 3D VR visor, so not sure how seamless the experience is on that. From a website perspective it is a bit underwhelming, almost like the virtual reality environment my old Packard Bell computer had in 1995.

Okay, that may be a bit too harsh, but on a laptop, the idea seems a bit pointless. Has any of you tried it with a VR box? I would like to know what you think.

But if we talk about the clothes, the collection is much more successful. With a higher price point, the Soft Collection revolves around simpler lines, functionality and light natural fabrics. All in all, a good addition to your down-time wardrobe.

The accessories, shoes especially, made with real leather are quite nice for a High Street retailer, and not very pricey considering. Very much in love with the sunglasses and backpack as well.

Check the pictures below!