Editorial: MR PORTER x COS S/S 2017

I have waited cautiously before writting about the MR PORTER x COS collaboration as I do not want to show that much favouritism, considering I work for one of them. But this second collaboration between the Scandinavians and the Brits needs to be commented in full.

With a simultaneous launch at COS's flagship stores in Stockholm, London and New York on Wednesday 26th October, this 35-piece capsule collection is available at MR PORTER plus online and at selected COS stores around the world. The result is flashy and down-to-earth in the same proportion.

Following the colour pallet of COS's latest releases, with a strong presence of grey and navy, this collection verges more into the warm side of the spectrum, with burgundy, red, beige and pale pink rather than the greens we have seen in their Studio Collection not long ago.

Contained in price (specially for MR PORTER standards), it really lives up to the title given of The Art of the Everyday, with a selection of modern tailored pieces in relaxed silhouettes in cosy fabrications. A small number of accessories complete a very thoughtful release that is selling out very fast.

Some of the pinks are suspiciously on the Kanye side of the colour wheel, but the construction and the vibe is so impeccable and different that any similarity ends here. Ample lines, dropped hemps and not-too-tight fits. It is more of an elevated line of lounge wear that would not look out of place in a casual work place. Blurring the lines between luxury and comfort.

Also, did you just noticed: this is the first release for the Spring 2017 season. And Winter has not even officially started! Fashion moves at the speed of light.