Feature: Illustrator Timju Jeannet

Lately I have been so tired. so tired of art, of magazines, of stupid films. I find everything empty, unimaginative. just, stuff. I am sure this is because iIam getting old, and when you're old, you lose your sense of discovery. You settle down. You stop discovering new filmmakers and only seek entertainment that you can never find. You only listen to the same bands you used to, in a loop.

Every time I walk into a gallery in Mayfair, I feel sad and disheartened. Art is something on the walls, it does not mean anything any more. And it's not a problem with the setting. The same happens when the gallery is in Hackney. Art is just, there, ignored by people that are just networking while sipping wine.

I get angry at the stupid articles on magazines. I get angry at how cool people are afraid they are losing their edge, about them being afraid the mainstream is creeping into every corner of their 2.0 world, where you can never be sure if what you like is acceptable or not. Established artists are so condescendingly patronising.

I run into Timju on Instagram. He is an illustrator from Lausanne who has recently relocated to Paris, and I fell in love with the simplicity of his drawings. I started a conversation with him, via old-fashioned email and I am sure it will help me understand his work. «I started to draw because I entered a room five years ago that I immediately loved. and I wanted to express what I felt, what I saw at that moment, to tell its story.»


I shared with him the story of the first time I wanted to live inside a work of art. I must have been around eight, and it was a dictionary someone gave my sister for her birthday that had lovely drawings of this French family living in a flat in a Haussmann boulevard in Paris

«I draw with my heart. And whatever I do, I always put some part of me (sometimes in the details) in my drawings. With their flaws, their broken wings, their hope, or naivety.»

I love his drawings because they have life. they are not empty vessels, there's a beyond to them. And this is what I miss from what is around nowadays. I am tired of people trying to make it, trying to achieve, rather than focusing on creating something that has a heart and a soul. Whether it is art, photography, or fashion.

Please, give art its soul back.

Check out his portfolio here: http://timjujeannet.tumblr.com/