New In: Jack & Jones and Pull & Bear Spring 2016

I have spent my afternoon browsing through the denim-focused Jack & Jones, where I discovered a lot more than jeans, and the street style-conscious Pull & Bear, which was not as successful as on previous visits.

I am currently in Spain aiming at synthesising some much needed Vitamin D for the last leg of Winter in London, and one of the great things about being here is the possibility of checking out other brands that are not as widespread in the UK as ubiquitous here. 

To sum up my findings, I have created a couple of looks. Check them out!

First look uses this Spring’s release of a Pull & Bear staple, their smart loose fit trousers that now come in a darker shade of black. Two new styles made from cotton, in army green and navy, labelled as smart chinos have also been released.

Long top with 3/4 sleeve, £14.99 ( )

Long top with 3/4 sleeve, £14.99 (

Durable leather weekend bag, £165 ( )

Durable leather weekend bag, £165 (

Smart loose fit trousers, £29.99 ( )

Smart loose fit trousers, £29.99 (

Waterproof raincoat, £86.99 ( )

Waterproof raincoat, £86.99 (

Punched formalwear plimsolls, £29.99 ( )

Punched formalwear plimsolls, £29.99 (

Classic leather shoes, £90 ( )

Classic leather shoes, £90 (

These trousers paired up with sneakers or nice thick-soled leather shoes (no socks) sum up my silhouette as of lately. I would finish the look with an oversized baseball jersey and this insanely hot Jack & Jones raincoat, available in black and white. I did not buy either since I am here on a small hand luggage suitcase! Maybe I should have gotten the leather weekend bag as an add on.

The raincoat in black would go great with beige or cream tailored trousers and shoes. I have given in to pairing up these casual looks with sneakers, but I am still a firm believer in wearing shoes regardless of the occasion.

Waterproof raincoat, £86.99 ( )

Waterproof raincoat, £86.99 (

3/4 sleeve sweatshirt, £17.99 ( )

3/4 sleeve sweatshirt, £17.99 (

Leather elegant shoes, £65 ( )

Leather elegant shoes, £65 (

Long plush jacket, £17.99 ( )

Long plush jacket, £17.99 (

Khaki tailored trousers, £60 ( )

Khaki tailored trousers, £60 (

Mao collar shirt, £25.99 ( )

Mao collar shirt, £25.99 (

A grandad collar shirt, or a short raglan-sleeve knitted sweatshirt can be a great idea, or maybe a plain white t-shirt with a cardigan, like this long open one.

The selection of accessories and shoes, plus the finding of the raincoat has been a great surprise for what I normally expect of Jack & Jones. On the other hand, Pull & Bear is too much focused so far on slogan sweatshirts and their mostly boring SoCal surfer gear which simply, is not my style.

Monday I will be in Madrid and I that will be my ultimate strength test, shopping wise.