About: Get to know me

La Condesa Patitiesa is my very talented sister's online alter ego. An incredible craftswoman who has conquered the heights of paper, paint, ink, yarn, embroidery and glue guns. Writing from her crafts blog where she shares her wisdom and artistry, she asked me to answer a few questions about myself and this blog. And I am here to oblige!

This call-out is part of a bigger thing called the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, and I am not sure if I am even eligible for the honour considering that, well, I am a man.

In any case, taking this as an opportunity to talk about myself, something I have mostly avoided so far, I am going to answer the questions about what I do.

1. How did the name of the blog come about?

I wanted it to be simple and straight-forward. Self explanatory. Though I think it may be too long...

2. What was the motivation behind the inception of the blog?

I have been curating Tumblrs and blogs since the ancient dial-up, MySpace times, but last year I felt it was the right time to put together my writings, commit to it and create something tangible rather than the disperse collection of things I had. My Tumblr, my job, my Instagram... they are all present in what is now this blog.

3. How much time do you dedicate to the blog, and how do you schedule it?

Looking at fashion is what I do for living, so I am always sending emails to myself when I see something interesting, saving pictures or creating lists with topics to write about.

I try to do it a bit every day if I have a quiet moment, or if I have a day off, I take my laptop to a café and write as much as possible until I get too distracted.

I post as much as I can, at least twice weekly though I depend on brands and retailers to deliver the content, digest it and offer it here for all to see.

4. How do you promote your blog?

For now, Facebook is my biggest tool. I am also using Pinterest and Instagram, but I have not really strategised the promotion. For now, I just want to enjoy writing and creating content.

5. What is your favourite entry so far?

I am very proud of the buy less entry. It was an actual personal experience, and was one of the entries that took the longest to write. I had it on the back burner for over a month until I was happy enough, and until I was sure I was keeping my promise of not buying more unnecessary clothes.

6. What would you like to improve?

The Pictures. I need a better camera so that my own content is as good as the high-res pictures I post from retailers. This will allow my entries to grow exponentially, and to depend less on external content.

7. Can you let us know about your latest projects?

The camera, and to create more personal content is the next thing to happen. Outside of the blog, I have recently been involved in the launch of Prada at MR PORTER, and I am hoping to secure some freelance projects here and there.

8. What are your other hobbies?

Right now, going to the gym and Netflix. I have become a very boring person. I enjoy French cinema, indie-electronic music and reading.

9. Your favourite holiday?

So many places I want to visit... In my list, Paris, Amsterdam and Northern Germany are the high-up achievable goals. Singapore is also up there. Anywhere interesting, really.

10. Your favourite book?

It will have to be two. The Waves, by Virginia Woolf, and Doktor Faustus, by Thomas Mann. They are both very special to me. Woolf is fantastic at playing with words and the way English sounds, and Thomas Mann has an incredible insight into the human condition that I wish I had.

Cover photo by Laurent Champoussin (www.laurentchampoussin.com)