Selected: Grooming essentials

People usually are surprised when I reveal my age. While this does not concern me too much yet, I think it is a sign that I am taking care of myself and also of how lucky I am in the gene department.

I never go too crazy, and certainly do not spend too much money as more than anything I believe being consistent is the key to get results, as it is with working out or dieting. So, today I have decided to open my vanity table and show and tell what I use and when I use it.

The brands range from Boots to Clinique, from TRESemmé to Aesop, showing that results can be achieved by testing and testing until you find the right products for you, regardless of their price.

Please, test them first, not everything works for everyone. What other products do you guys use?


I do most of my grooming before I go to sleep and probably should have started with what I do the night before, but I want to be somehow canonical. I even prefer showering before I go to bed!

In the morning, trying not to ignore my alarm and the browsing through my Facebook and Instagram feeds takes most of my time before I hit the road. I rarely have any breakfast beside perhaps a piece of fruit, so I am always quickly good to go.

That said, moisturising is the key not to scare my colleagues so early in the morning, specially as I cycle to work.

After washing my face with lukewarm water I simply use the Boots Botanics Oil control moisturiser SPF 15, one of my greatest discoveries. It is a bit on the thick side, but it works wonders for harsher conditions like going on the road.

If I am not cycling, then I would use my normal moisturiser, Clinique's Dramatically different moisturising gel. It is so light it absorbs quickly and without any residue. It does not have any fragrance which makes it the perfect moisturiser for a bearded man. It is not fun tasting or smelling your moisturiser all day!

For my hair, I use the Jamie Stevens's MR. Style paste. This hair paste has been a revelation. First of all, it smells amazing, and also its consistency, not too greasy, not to sticky, but with enough grip to save your hair from looking too limp and shapeless.

Jamie Stevens  MR. Style paste  (50ml, £10) Boots Botanics  Oil control moisturiser SPF 15 , (75ml, £3.99) Clinique  Dramatically different moisturising gel  (125ml, £30)

Jamie Stevens MR. Style paste (50ml, £10)
Boots Botanics Oil control moisturiser SPF 15, (75ml, £3.99)
Clinique Dramatically different moisturising gel (125ml, £30)


I go to the gym a lot. I have talked about this before on several occasions, so it is normal that most of my grooming is done there. And, I like going to the gym in the evening, after 10pm. It is quieter and I find it easier to concentrate on my reps. I end up so tired that when I get home I fall asleep almost immediately.

My gym kit consists of Aesop's Classic shampoo and Geranium leaf body cleanser. They combine a great natural fragrance with revitalising ingredients, perfect after a workout.

During my shower it is also time to tackle the beard. I have tried specific shampoos and I did not like them at all. They left my skin dry and my beard even drier and lifeless.

I use a simple face wash like Nivea for Men Deep cleaning Face wash or Boots Botanics Face wash, and then apply the most moisturising conditioner ever: TRESemmé Moisture Rich. Leave it for a while, and then rinse. Works wonders for coarse beard hair. Yes, I know. It is intended as a hair conditioner, but my skin has never had any issues with it, it does not get greasier or breakout in any way so I would safely recommend it.

Afterwards, Jamie Steven's MR. Style salt spray gives my hair a bit of life without messing it too much. Also, before bed I use Boots Botanics Anti ageing serum and the anti ageing moisturiser SPF 15. The texture is a bit greasy so I do not like it for day-time as it gives you a bit of a shine, but it feels good and rich after the gym and before  bed.

Aesop  Classic shampoo , 200ml £17 Aesop  Geranium leaf body cleanser , 200ml £17 Boots Botanics  Face wash , 150ml £3.99 Boots Botanics  Anti ageing moisturiser SPF 15, 50ml , £6.99 Jamie Steven's  MR. Style salt spray, 150ml , £10 Nivea for Men  Deep cleaning Face wash , 

Aesop Classic shampoo, 200ml £17
Aesop Geranium leaf body cleanser, 200ml £17
Boots Botanics Face wash, 150ml £3.99
Boots Botanics Anti ageing moisturiser SPF 15, 50ml, £6.99
Jamie Steven's MR. Style salt spray, 150ml, £10
Nivea for Men Deep cleaning Face wash


There are other products I use once or a few times a week here and there.

My favourite weekly routine is using is Boots Botanics Face scrub and then the Clay mask. Great for a weekly application, first use the scrub to get rid of any dead skin or black spots, and then go for the clay mask to get rid of excess grease.

Another thing I use from time to time when I shave my neck or cheeks to tidy up my beard is Aesop Moroccan Neroli post-shave lotion, as it sinks in quickly and smells delicious. I hate shaving, and this is one of the only products that makes it bearable.

Lastly, if you are in the look out for hand moisturisers, my two options are Zara Hand moisturiser and Aesop Resurrection aromatique hand balm. I was quite sceptical about Zara's grooming range at first but I tried them and considering the price, they are actually quite good.