New In: Bershka Sport A/W 2016

Streetwear retailer Bershka has finally released their line of sports apparel for Autumn 2016. Labelled Sport: Start Moving, it is a step in the right direction.

Meanwhile in South-East London, a new gym is about to open as the fitness madness I talked about last week continues. And I love it. I might not be the most social person at the gym (I am not, I am mostly scary), but I really enjoy working out. Even though my suffering faces might tell otherwise.

Since I changed gyms and enrolled Anytime Fitness chain a couple of months ago, I am there almost ever evening 'till after midnight, before I take a shower and go to sleep. At home, that is.

Back to Bershka.

When I wrote about gymwear a few entries ago I finished by naming the two big absentees, Zara and Bershka. They both had had Sportwear collections but at the time of writing, these were missing from their catalogues.

As if they listened to my complaints, Bershka's sportwear mini-collection has just been released. a whole bunch of separates that will give your gym bag a fresh start. no pun intended.

Mostly blacks and greys, with the presence of some burgundy and navy, the collection is less graphic and more grown-up than last season's. Compression tops and bottoms, running shorts and some more canonical track pieces complete the drop.

Here are some pictures from the lookbook, followed below by my selection.

My favourite items are the basic pairing combinations of technical tops and running shorts in the greys and blacks, plus the printed compression shorts. One has to keep renewing his gym gear as all these spandex-y items do not have a very long lifespan if used every day.

There are also two options for footwear, and I am very much in favour of this type of inconspicuous, unbranded sneakers. They are the kind of easy-going shoe I like for a day off around the house, running some errands and of course, take with me to the gym.

I would not use them for running, but they sure do the trick when doing strength training in style.