New In: Topman capsule collections A/W 2016

Coinciding with the release of this season's Topman Premium collection, I have created some outfit ideas mixing items with the recent uploads of Topman LTD and Topman AAA, while awaiting for the imminent unveiling of Topman Lux.

With this many reincarnations, some times I find it difficult to connect to Topman. Maybe because they are too British. I feel they are so embedded in the London scene that I cannot see myself wearing most of their clothes without feeling out of place. But I guess it is my fault as I am not British, and that I am not that young anymore.

That said, they keep coming out with fresh ideas and it is probably the retailer more attuned to they way people really dress here. What do you think?

Topman Premium is a collection of classic-with-a-twist staples; Topman LTD has a casual, nordic-inspired vibe, whilst Topman AAA explores the urban and gritty side of London.

A pallet of beige, mint greens, powder pinks and off whites, much in the line of the neutral-tone craze that has been with us for the last few seasons is the signature of the Premium collection, and you know that I am pretty much against anything that's not black, grey or black, so my choices have been within that spectrum of colours.

Simple lines, clean cuts and textured fabrics to create casual looks. I would wear this with a pair of white sneakers, or some black modern Derby shoes.

A good example of the LTD collection is the below coach jacket. A more classic, American sportswear cut. Still, not sure about the beige, but it has a great simplicity to it. Also it could be a great jacket for cycling in.

The above suede backpack is also lovely, and would make a good cycling companion.

For the last and darkest look, I have to praise the turtle neck sweater, it seems much more comfortable than others, and it is a must-have piece for this season.

Still missing from this drop is the Topman Lux collection, normally one of my favourites. I think it is the one that best fuses all the angles that Topman tries to tackle with these releases: it is modern, risky and features nicer fabrics. I cannot wait!