New In: Zara & COS Autumn 2016

I feel it is time for some ideas on what to wear, now that it seems Autumn is arriving in London and it cannot be stopped. Even Starbucks has already started selling the disgusting pumpkin spice latte, so it must be official. Sigh.

I am, in the meantime, still in Spain. Spain. During a heatwave. Hmm. So, I am finding it a bit difficult to put myself in the mood whenever I scroll down my Instagram feed. Sure it will slap me in the face next week, so I want to be prepared!

Okay. Focus. Autumn requires options and versatility, and to be even more creative with what you already have. Pairings of Summer items with coats, or layering up together thinner garments to make sure you are covered from morning to evening, all weathers, all possibilities.

Today, I have browsed through the new arrivals of two of my favourite shops, Zara and COS, to find some inspiration in grey scale.

First outfit is based around the lovely "Essential" COS wool coat. A medium-thick coat is great as an outer layer, and I will insist: roll up the sleeves if needed. Paired here with more tailored trousers or simple skinny jeans, I would contrast it with chunky-sole shoes, like these sporty Derby shoes from Zara.

Check sweater, £29.99 ( )

Check sweater, £29.99 (

Zip-cuff jersey trousers, £69 ( )

Zip-cuff jersey trousers, £69 (

Wool coat, £175 ( )

Wool coat, £175 (

Tricolour sole black bluchers, £59.99 ( )

Tricolour sole black bluchers, £59.99 (

Thumbhole sleeve jumper, £59 ( )

Thumbhole sleeve jumper, £59 (

Super stretch trousers,£25.99 ( )

Super stretch trousers,£25.99 (

Two options for underneath, Zara's Check x Check Collection sweater or COS's thumbhole sweatshirt. Wear them over a white vest so it does not get too stuffy, or maybe just a simple white tee... unless you are into just wearing vests! Who's judging.

Moving on, the second look would be my typical Autumnal uniform: Layers!

Start with a basic white tee, and Zara's checked shirt. All buttoned up for a more formal look, and unbuttoned, even completely, if the afternoon turns warm. In any sense you want to read that.

White sneakers and wool trousers, and two top layers. The smart merino jacket by COS, a crossover between a knitted work jacket and a cardigan, or a more serious shell jacket, this one by Zara.

I like having options with me, in case the weather changes, and I can put what I don't need in my bag or backpack. Take off the shirt and wear the knitted jacket over the white t-shirt, or simply wear the shell jacket over the shirt, without another layer. You know what I mean.

Knitted merino jacket ( )

Knitted merino jacket (

Hook and loop sneakers, £29.99 ( )

Hook and loop sneakers, £29.99 (

Printed-interior jacket, £69.99 ( )

Printed-interior jacket, £69.99 (

Wool mélange trousers, £79 ( )

Wool mélange trousers, £79 (

Checked mélange shirt, £25.99 ( )

Checked mélange shirt, £25.99 (

Smart black backpack, £49.99 ( )

Smart black backpack, £49.99 (