Campaign: COS S/S 2017

If only Spring could arrive at the same pace as fashion campaigns, the world would be a much better place. Or at least a warmer one. I am now in Spain for a few days and I brought with me the bad weather. Sigh.

This disconnect between reality and the fashion world is always peculiar, a constant living in the future. Also peculiar how campaigns more and more look like aspirational Instagram feeds. Or perhaps, it is Instagram feeds that are becoming editorial productions.

With a dreamy shoot on the streets of artsy New York's West Chelsea district, COS have released their new Spring campaign. Pure Instagram-pleasing bliss.

Hopping between minimal brick-layered back alleys and art galleries' loading bays (ah, the life...) the collection of modern, simple tailoring is an eye pleaser. Crisp twists and a pallet of soft powdered tones in the line of the Swedish house. 

I have included a few pictures from the Lookbook as well to show some of the additional pieces, because I think they deserve it.